Improving life for women through cancer research

Each year ANZGOG brings together national and international experts in medical, radiation and surgical oncology at its Annual Scientific Meeting.
The ANZGOG Annual Scientific Meetings focus on developments in clinical trial research in gynaecological cancers. The meeting is an opportunity for the exchange of information on current global trends in gynaecological cancer treatments, latest research practices and future research objectives.
It is also an opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with national and international authorities in the field of gynaecological cancer research.
Keynote Speakers | 2016 ANZGOG  ASM
Dr Michael Birrer | Medical Oncologist | Massachusetts General Hospital, UK
Professor Anuja Jhingran | Radiation Oncologist | University of Texas, USA
Dr Christian Marth | Gynaecological Oncologist | University Hospital Innsbruck, Austria
Dr Susana Banerjee | Medical Oncologist | Royal Marsden, UK
Keynote Speakers | 2015 ANZGOG  ASM
Dr Keiichi Fujiwara | Gynaecological Oncologist | Saitama Medical University, Japan
Professor Charley Gourley | Medical Oncologist | Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre, UK
Keynote Speakers | 2014 ANZGOG ASGO ASM
Professor Lynette Denny - University of Cape Town, South Africa
Professor Jonathan Ledermann UCL Cancer Trials Centre, UK
Associate Professor Akila Viswanathan - Harvard Medical School, USA

Keynote Speakers | 2013 ANZGOG ASM
Professor Henry Kitchener - University of Manchester, UK
Professor Iain McNeish - University of Glasgow, UK

Keynote Speakers | 2012 ANZGOG ASM
Professor. Gillian Thomas - University of Toronto, Canada
Dr Pedro Ramirez – University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA
Professor Rob Coleman - University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA
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