Improving life for women through cancer research

Associate Professor Alison Brand, ANZGOG Chair
"ANZGOG has opened a number of clinical trials within Australia and New Zealand and is playing an increasing role in a growing number of pivotal international trials."

The Growth of ANZGOG
ANZGOG was established in 2000 to foster and support collaborative research throughout Australia and New Zealand to improve outcomes for women with gynaecological malignancies through randomized clinical trials. Shortly afterwards, ANZGOG joined the US GOG ( Gynecologic Oncology Group), the pre-eminent US based collaborative trials group and at the same time became a member of the Gynecological Cancer InterGroup (GCIG).
The important links that have been forged with international groups, recognized for their contribution to our current clinical practice in gynaecological malignancies, are essential as gynaecological cancers are a global problem and require collaborative efforts to improve outcomes.
On behalf of ANZGOG, I would like to gratefully acknowledge the steadfast dedication of my predecessors, Professor Michael Friedlander and Professor Michael Quinn. There is little doubt that the success we have had with ANZGOG, both nationally and internationally has been due to their energy, vision and drive.
The Dedicated Team
I would also like to recognize the hard work and commitment of our team of clinical investigators and clinical trial coordinators throughout Australia and New Zealand and the talented support staff housed in the NHMRC Clinical Trials Center. They all continue to maintain the highest standards of research and adhere to our mission to improve the outcome of women with gynaecological malignancies.
The Challenges
As a non-profit organization we continue to struggle with funding. Clinical Trials are costly and costs remain the major barrier we face in opening new trials and expanding our clinical trial portfolio. I will endeavor to keep pushing for Federal and State infrastructure funding for clinical trials. We need more resources, particularly support for data management and research nurses if we are to see our clinical trial accrual numbers rise. This is a priority.
We will continue to expand community awareness of gynaecological cancers and the availability of gynae cancer clinical trials.

We are grateful to the individual donors and other community organizations that donate funds and/or their services to help promote our cause.

It is a privilege to be the current chair of this exceptional research group. I accept this role with the solid commitment to advance our focus on collaborative research of gynaecological cancers in an attempt to help improve the quality and length of life of the patients who entrust their care in our hands.

On behalf of the Australia and New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group, thank you for visiting our website.

                                                                                    Alison Brand, Chair