Improving life for women through cancer research

Public donations help us fund women onto research studies.
It costs $1,000 for a woman to participate on a trial for a minimum of 12 months. Some trial costs can be $5,000-10,000 for a participant.

Funds received from our donors go immediately to establishing and/or running a trial.

An excellent example of this is the ANZGOG Symptom Benefit Trial which was started with public donations.  It was a trial seeking ways to improve the lives of women with ovarian cancer. This Trial closed for recruitment in December 2014.   

ANZGOG fundraising has made this and other gynaecological cancer research studies possible.

ANZGOG’s operations and outreach activities are supported by a Cancer Australia infrastructure grant.  This provides short term support of our group's infrastructure needs only. It does not cover the expenses involved in developing and running a clinical trial. 

ANZGOG also applies annually for a range of grants for clinical trials. This is a very competitive process and some years we are more successful than others in achieving funding.

Increasing funding for research from public donations means that more studies can be run.  This gives a greater chance for new and better treatment options to become available without delay.

Find out more about How you can help to fundraise for ANZGOG.