Improving life for women through cancer research

ANZGOG is a network of dedicated gynaecological cancer specialists and researchers who have come together to identify the best treatments for gynaecological cancers.

The network includes people from over 50 hospitals across Australia and New Zealand.

ANZGOG members have formed a strong collegiate group with shared ideals.  Members have a number of opportunities to meet one another each year. They participate in the ANZGOG Annual Scientific Meeting to gain and share knowledge, and get actively involved through ANZGOG Committees, including the Research Advisory Committee, Study Coordinators and the Community and Consumer Committee.
As ANZGOG grows its outreach programs, trial participants, carers, non-medical people in cancer organisations and the general community are also becoming members of ANZGOG and assisting with its goals.

The membership categories available are:

A Full member is a person who is involved with gynaecological cancer research and/or treatment in a professional capacity.
This includes medical oncologists, gynaecological oncologists, radiation oncologists, pharmacists, psycho oncologists, psychologists, pathologists, nurses, data managers, research nurses, clinical trial staff or other clinical, scientific or professional disciplines that relate to the purpose and objects of ANZGOG.
Full members can:
Vote at meetings of members.
Participate in clinical trials run by ANZGOG.
Put forward concepts for new clinical trials.
Participate in protocol design of clinical trials.
Attend the Annual Scientific Meeting and Annual General Meetings.
Become an ANZGOG Full Member
A Community member is either someone who wishes to support the purpose and objects of ANZGOG or has been personally affected by a gynaecological cancer (including carers or patients), or who otherwise has an interest in gynaecological cancers, their treatment and prevention.

Community members can:
Attend general meetings but not vote.
Participate in ANZGOG clinical trials.
Participate in the fundraising and promotional activities of ANZGOG.
Put forward concepts for new clinical trials.
Be invited to attend Scientific Meetings.
An Industry Member is an employee or director of an organisation operating in the Pharmaceutical Industry or a related industry, and is interested in the purpose and objects of ANZGOG.
Industry members can:
Attend the Annual Scientific Meeting.
Fundraise for ANZGOG.
Industry members cannot vote.

If you would like more information about applying for membership or further information on ANZGOG, please send an email to