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Living Memories - celebrating the life of a special person
Honour the memory of someone you love with a Living Memories fund to celebrate their life.
ANZGOG Living Memories Brochure

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How a Living Memories Fund Works
A fund will be set up in memory of someone you love so you can keep their memory alive in a positive way.  This fund can remain open for 12 months or longer as agreed together.  We will keep in touch with you during the year and let you know how your fund is growing and how it is being used to help the work of ANZGOG.
You will be able to have your own private Living Memories web page with a link for your friends to view photos and text you have written.
There are many ways people choose to donate to their Living Memories fund.  Donations on a birthday, anniversary or other significant date are popular and some people also leave a gift to their fund in their will.
Your donation can be a single gift or you and your family and friends can make regular gifts by direct debit or with a donation form.
Your Living Memories fund will help us to support new research trials and help find solutions for improving life for women with gynaecological cancer.  All while keeping the memory of your loved one alive in a positive way.

Any questions?
Please contact Sarah Hope, Development Officer.
T | +61 02 8071 4885 E |
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Donations of $2 and over are fully tax deductible and you will receive a receipt from the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group ABN 69 138 649 028.