Improving life for women through cancer research

Making a bequest to ANZGOG will assist us to run clinical trials that ensure women in Australia and New Zealand have access to the best treatments available.
Your support will help us to improve the outcomes for women with gynaecological cancers now and in the future.
Thank you for considering the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group in your Will. Your will is one of the most important documents that you will ever prepare. It directs the distribution of your estate according to your wishes, ensuring that the people and charities you care about are provided for in the manner you intend.

When preparing your Will we recommend that you consult a solicitor to ensure that your wishes are properly expressed using the correct legal wording.

To leave a bequest to the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group in your Will, the following wording is recommended for use:

I (your name) give to the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group:

-  the residue of my estate, or
-  ________ % of my estate, or
-  the lump sum of $ _____________ , or
-  my property known as ______________________________________________
[e.g. real estate, artworks, shares, units or other securities in listed companies.]
To be applied for general purposes by ANZGOG as determined by its Directors. I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer of ANZGOG will be sufficient discharge to my executors who will not be bound to see the application of the gift."
For the Executor   
Bequests are extremely important to the future of the work at the ANZ Gynaecological Oncology Group. Typically, our bequests are directed to our New Research Fund. It is also possible that the gift go to an endowment fund to provide income in perpetuity, enabling us to plan with security as well as fund new research projects with greater ease and speed.

We are extremely conscious of the need to respect the wishes expressed in the terms of the Will.  Therefore, if the Will specifies an area of research to support, this will certainly be upheld. 
If you have any questions about the scope of our work, and whether it matches the terms of the Will, please telephone our Executive Officer, Alison Evans on 02 8071 4880, or email:
Bequests should be directed to:

Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group
Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
Level 6, 119-143 Missenden Road

Or if you prefer, we can provide bank details for a direct deposit. Please telephone our Executive Officer, Alison Evans on 02 8071 4880, or email: 
At ANZGOG, we are respectful in honouring bequests received from Estates.  Bequests are critical to continue ANZGOG’s objectives to find improved outcomes for women with gynaecological cancers.  We would like to acknowledge bequests by placing the name of the estate in the Honour Book which is held at our offices in Camperdown. Our bequests are noted each year in the ANZGOG Annual Report.

However, if the family or loved ones would prefer this gift not to be acknowledged in this way and to be completely confidential, we would certainly uphold this wish.
Contact the Executive Officer, Alison Evans, at ANZGOG for a confidential discussion about the Estate.

Phone:  +61 2 8071 4880