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ANZGOG Annual Report 2016
ANZGOG Annual Report 2016

Features include:

- Update on performance against strategic goals
- 2016 ANZGOG highlights
- Latest trial information                        
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On 1 January 2017, the Women’s Cancer Foundation and their sister organisation, Ovarian Cancer Institute, amalgamated with ANZGOG (Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group).

This amalgamation will further grow the funds available for important research to help improve the lives of women with gynaecological cancers.

Over the last 20 years, Women’s Cancer Foundation (WCF) and the Ovarian Cancer Institute have made a significant contribution to research into ovarian cancer and other gynaecological cancers through their fundraising activities.  This has included supporting gynaecological cancer research nurses at trial sites and other research projects.

Outstanding fundraisers for WCF for many years have been prior ANZGOG Chair, Professor Michael Quinn, AM and Duncan McPherson, OAM, along with many generous donors and bequestors.

Kerri Coghlan, Women’s Cancer Foundation Chair and Directors Orla McNally and Deborah Neesham commented:We are confident entrusting the future of our work to ANZGOG and they are honoured to accept the responsibility to continue to grow Women’s Cancer Foundation with your continued support.”

Alison Brand, ANZGOG Chair, said:  ‘We are honoured to accept the responsibility to operate these fundraising programs cooperatively with ANZGOG’s research work. We are confident that this amalgamation will help maximise the efforts of both organisations, reduce overheads and expand fundraising nationally, with the result that greater funds will be available for research and other related projects.  

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Its time to talk about gynaecological cancers.
Save the Box is a new awareness and fundraising campaign for gynaecological cancer research conducted by ANZGOG.  Watch the inspiring video staring women cancer patients and survivors, families and friends - Save the Box Video
You can register for the Money Box Challenge, hold a Lunch Box event or make a donation on 

ANZGOG Annual Report 2015
ANZGOG 2015 Annual Report

Features include:

- Update on strategic goals
- 2015 ANZGOG highlights
- Latest trial information                        
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Effects of exercise on women undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer.
ANZGOG member, David Mizrahi, an exercise physiologist from the University of New South Wales shares his research into the area of exercise during and post treatment and concludes that movement is key, "In a nutshell, encourage your patients, friends or family members with cancer to move. Seek supportive care materials and talk to others about this area. Starting at a low level is the best place to begin and over time we can achieve great things."    
Read the full research article here.

GO for Gynae | ANZGOG fundraising Initiative 

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Go for Gynae is a call to action to help grow awareness of gynaecological cancers and raise funds for ANZGOG's research.  It is ANZGOG's new fundraising initiative. 
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