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Consumers as Advisors
The “gynaecological cancer consumer” is a person who is living with a gynaecological cancer, a gynaecological cancer survivor, a carer and/or a family member. 
Successful clinical trial research programs make sure they include the significant contribution of cancer consumers.  ANZGOG is no exception. 

We value the expertise the cancer consumer can add to our activities.  Because of this in 2008, we initiated the ANZGOG Consumer and Community Committee (CCC) to involve consumers in the ANZGOG research program. 
Consumers helping ANZGOG

The CCC is the interface between ANZGOG and the wider gynaecological cancer community.  The CCC is made up of a very positive and committed group of patients, survivors and carers from Australia and New Zealand regional and metropolitan communities.
CCC members act as advocates on behalf of the cancer patient and their family.  This ensures the voice of the consumer is heard in the clinical trial development process. 

Consumers bring their knowledge and experience to ANZGOG through:
  • Representation on the ANZGOG Board.
  • Representation on the ANZGOG Research Advisory Committee.
  • Reviewing ANZGOG trial Protocols and Patient Informed Consent forms.
  • Organizing ANZGOG Consumer Information Forums in various states.
  • Representing ANZGOG in national cancer consumer networks and forums.
  • Representing ANZGOG on Collaborative Trial Group study committees.

ANZGOG Consumer Community Committee members


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