Improving life for women through cancer research

Study Coordinators are the people who run trials on site in hospitals across Australia and New Zealand.  They play a critical role in the achievement of quality clinical trial results.

Study Coordinators are the interface for ANZGOG with the trial participants.  They are a committed and caring group of people who believe in the value of clinical trials research to improve life for women.

The role of Study Coordinators has become increasingly demanding, with trials and the environment they are conducted in becoming more complex every year.

Study Coordinator & Data Manager Training
ANZGOG values its Study Coordinators and aims to support site staff in meeting the challenges of delivering quality data for its trials.  Training and Development of skills for Study Coordinators is a key area of ANZGOG focus. 
ANZGOG Study Coordinator Education Training occurs during the ANZGOG Annual Scientific Meetings.

The ANZGOG Study Coordinators Committee
A team of committed researchers make up the Study Coordinators Committee.  This committee has been working with the Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) ANZGOG unit to ensure new trials are implemented smoothly in all participating sites. 

The Study Coordinator Committee has also worked with the CTC to help develop efficient study implementation processes and on the Case Report Form (CRF) review prior to study implementation.