Improving life for women through cancer research

ANZGOG Consumer Information Forums
Public awareness of cancers such as breast, bowel and lung cancer is widespread in our community.  Public awareness of gynaecological cancer is very limited, even though it is the 3rd most common cancers in women.  ANZGOG is endeavouring to change this through its Consumer Education initiative.

In 2010, ANZGOG received funds from Cancer Australia to participate in a national education initiative to increase public awareness of gynaecological cancer research.  The ANZGOG Consumer Information Forums are part of this initiative. 

The ANZGOG Consumer Information Forums are designed for consumers, researchers and related healthcare professionals. 
They are an opportunity for the exchange of experiences and knowledge about gynaecological cancer and clinical trials.
The primary focus of the consumer information session is to demystify the clinical trial, inspire and empower the consumer and to encourage action from all gynaecological cancer stakeholders.   

Since 2010, ANZGOG has successfully hosted Consumer Information Forums in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, the Gold Coast, Newcastle and in Parramatta.


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