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Members of the ANZ Gynaecological Oncology Group represent all areas of clinical practice. They share a vision and desire to make a difference through clinical trials research.
Become a member and support ANZGOG's work and achievements.  You will have access to the private member area which provides:
  • on-line registration to the Annual Scientific Meeting
  • webcasts and powerpoint presentations of scientific papers and meetings
  • Free and discounted training opportunities
  • presentations and reports on workshops and meetings both here and overseas
  • the latest updates on ANZGOG clinical trials
  • Members' Desk - share research updates and news on gynaecological cancer research
  • Exchange - we post presentations given nationally and internationally by ANZGOG members and collaborators 
  • And there are Annual Reports, newsletters and trial histories. 
  • Don't forget to tell us what you want and we'll find a way to include it.

In addition, as a member you have instant access through your login to ANZGOG clinical trial information.
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